Eve Online Resources

A repository of useful links for players new and old.  I try to keep the links up to date.

Getting Started
  • ISK: Industrial Sized Knowledge Base: Probably the single best place to start for new players to Eve.  A ton of info you ought to know.
  • UniWiki (Eve University): Love ’em or hate ’em, Eve University’s Wiki is another wonderful tool for new players to learn about the game.  The Ship Fitting guides near the bottom of the page are a good place for new players to start understanding how to make things work.
  • dotlan evemaps: 2D maps that show a variety of up to date info about what is going on in systems, agents, stations and various other peices of information.
  • Ombey’s Eve in 2D: A more “traditional” pdf based map of Eve, like a road atlas of New Eden.
  • Eve-Survival: Mission reports to help you know what to expect, incursion info, and a host of other useful links!  I highly recommend setting the mission reports as you in-game browser home page if you plan on running missions as you start out to avoid losing ships to simple mistakes.
Mining and Industry
Fitting Advice
  • EveHQ: This keeps track of skills, skill plans, ship fittings, implants, industry jobs, research, invention, mail, and a host of other stuff.
  • EFT: The old stand-by when other tools are busted.
  • PYFA: Fitting tool for OSX and Linux.  If you have to.

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