Skillpoints… What to Do?

CCP dropped a dev blog.  It’s a bit of a doozy, or nothing all that important.  Since I am writing today, you can safely assume I think it is a bit of a doozy.  At the core, the dev blog proposes that players be allowed, for a fee in Aurum, to take skillpoints out of their characters, and then sell the resulting skillpoints on the market for isk.  I am not a huge fan of this, and said so in the threadnaught.  But I want to explore the reasons behind my opinion.The image above is a bit of online gaming culture at this point.  The point is that Eve is really hard to learn.  That has not changed much in the last few years.  But that graph isn’t really relevant to the discussion of skillpoints (SP) in Eve.  A more appropriate image would be this: What this image shows is how many skillpoints a character can attain over a given time frame, at a few different rates of SP per hour.  I’ve given the time scale as 0 to 12 years, with pretty much encompasses the entire history of Eve.  This is relevant to buying SP because your maximum number Continue Reading →

PI Guide Up

I finally pulled together something that has been posted by me in various places at various points and put it into my guides, now plural.  Behold, a basic guide to PI extraction!  It only covers the most effective way to get P1s and briefly talks about running those P1s into bigger PI chains.  You can click the link above, or use the nav bar to get there.  Enjoy!

Tragic Tayra

The night started out rather slow, as many nights do.  No new sigs were to be found, but as luck would have it we had a chain of C2 to high sec, a few jumps out from Jita.  Time to sell some loot and goo.  But as I prepared to do so, we noticed a Procurer appear on dscan.  With only one ore site in system, I hopped into the Proteus and went to go get a nice perch and maybe pounce.  Sure enough, the mining barge was there, with the sole high slot obviously filled with a mining laser. I started to maneuver, and checked who was in system with me to help.  I have a Procurer, and you can fit a rather sizeable tank on those.  I wanted some back up in case this was a trap.  Of course, no one was in system with me.  Then the Procurer warped off, and left the system.  Time to move cargo I guess. I had second thoughts about my original plan of taking everything in one expanded hauler, and piled my sleeper goodies into a covops, and dropped it off safe and sound in the HS system.  I came back Continue Reading →

Moving Day

Dear readers, It is with some excitement that I have a big announcement.  Warp to Zero is moving to a new home!  All of my future posts, guides and articles will be posted at Grimmash on Gaming, at  I am moving from the Blogger platform to a hosted platform. Not much is changing for now, besides the visual layout of the blog.  But I felt it was time to move for a variety of reasons.   While Blogger is wonderful platform, I want more freedom to really edit the nuts and bolts of the site.  Along with that, I want more experience running a website from the ground up.  My family has always been involved in using the internet to promote our hobbies and businesses.  As the resident tech “Expert”, I decided that learning more managing my hobby website would be a good way to learn how to help my family reduce their dependency on limited platforms. Regarding my blog, it was started to be all about Eve.  As my life and gaming habits adjust I find myself still wanting to write about Eve, but also about other games, and other types of gaming, more extensively.  I thought about Continue Reading →

More Changes!

Hello! I’ve been so busy playing Eve and working on stuff for me new corp that I haven’t had time to polish up any of my articles.  I guess that is a good thing… Since I have a bit of a backlog, and a tentpole series as Jester would call it, I am going to hold of on posting the longer articles until I get them finished up.  I am also going to wait a bit, as I am finalizing a relaunch of my site. Yep!  Pretty soon I will migrate to a newer, cleaner, more controllable website.  All the old stuff here and comments will port over, but I will have better tools to share pictures, archive guides and resources, and some of the other stuff I am looking to try out.  So keep an eye on this space, as a belated spring cleaning is on the way! Fly smart!


It’s been a few months.  Due to family illness and unemployment after graduating from my latest round of education I completely left Eve as both an expense I could not justify and a time sink I could not engage in given my play style.  The illness continues, but the unemployment looks to be coming to an end.  I hope to resubscribe soon, but I’m not sure how much time I will have to play. On the blog front, I want to expand what I write about here.  I want to write about more than Eve, as I have had a chance to play more casual games that one can simply walk away from when needed at a moments notice.  I’m not sure if that means I will renamed or redesign the blog, but I do know it means this will no longer be just an Eve blog. My biggest regret is that without realizing it, I let most of my contacts and relationships in Eve just wither away for the last few months, so to all those who had been conversing with me and sharing their time and knowledge, sorry for that.  Life outside internet spaceships came first, and will Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Playing SW:TOR

I’d been thinking about it, but fears of WoW-creep have lingered.  I spent about 5 years in WoW, I’m not going back.  There are some features of a character driven MMO that are appealing in a way that Internet Spaceships is not.  Incarna was a botched attempt at this, but does show that having an avatar is something many players want.  I loved gearing up my Hunter, but got frustrated with the constant “gear resets” that each patch added.  So deep in the recesses of my brain, I have been hoping for SW:TOR to swoop in, beloved droids bee-booping and lightsabers flashing and sweep me off my feet. Then Poetic posted a link to this.  Images of dancing in Orgrimmar waiting for Raid/BG/Dungeon/Something to Grind flooded into my brain.  And the interface looks… identical? No thanks.


Good morning, evening or whatever time it where you are at! Who am I? Someone who likes to play Eve Online and obsess over various minutiae of games design and gameplay.  I’ve been dabbling in high sec and low sec for the last year across a variety of characters, and have messed about in missions, trade, industry, wormholes and some (usually unsuccessful) pvp. Why should you read what I write? I have no idea why any of us read about fictional, digital worlds that we spend time interacting, so you tell me. How often am I going to update this thing? Hopefully once a week or more.  My goal is to write in two main areas: Commentary and Education.  I like talking about internet spaceships, and I hope to make learning how to play internet spaceships a little easier for others. Well I think that covers relevant introductory things.  Fly safe, or barring that, fly fun!