My brain has surfaced from the depths of family life. At least long enough for me to compose thoughts into words and sentences! I’ve been dabbling in phone games a lot for the past two years because I love having hopes shattered by bad freemium models. But in that time I’ve played two games that ran into the concept of community in interesting ways. Game the first is Tap Titans 2. This is a clicker or incremental game. You “fight” titans, and can unlock heroes and artifcats that either improve your performance or automatically attack on your behalf. It is a perfect skinner box of the prestige-based clicker loop. The first game was an entire single player affair. Even the tournaments are really just single player races against the clock to see if you can hit an arbitrary stage cap. The second game is also single player, except the devs added Clans. You join a clan, and can contribute to Clan Quest fights. These run for a limited time and each player gets one “free” 30 second attack every hour. Killing the CQ Boss increases your CLan’s “Clan Ship” bonus. The clan ship fires a large hit into your personal Continue Reading →