Forgotten Containers

I’ve been getting more choosey in how many ships I keep hanging around. Part of this is my desire to have isk on hand instead of assets that I need to haul. Most of my characters lives in wormholes now, and Red Frog doesn’t deliver there. The only pilots left in high sec are a few hauling and trading alts to ease logistics of getting stuff to and from the far reaches of space. You never know where that exit will pop up, or how long you will have it. The result of that was that I consolidated all of my ships and goods into two trade hubs, and not too long ago I finally got rid of almost everything aside from a small gang of ships in the wormhole. I’ve gotten downright vicious. All the tech 1 combat ships are gone. A few interceptors, an orca, and a few industrials are staged to get to a drop off point and get back. I scrapped a T3 that was in disuse. Hordes of frigates and random bombers were auctioned off. Battelships begone! It is amazing how years of ship collecting adds up to billions of isk, especially when you total Continue Reading →

Where did I leave my keys…

Well.  I re-subscribed to Eve, on two accounts!  Being out of the loop for two expansions really does leave me with a lot to learn.  But life is better, if fundamentally different from nine months ago when I started winding down my time in Eve.  Luckily I have landed back pretty much where I was.  Both my old corps still have me on the roster, so I can take some time to figure out next steps. This will be a slow process for a variety of reasons. First is life.  If you look back a few posts, you’ll see that last summer and fall were pretty rough due to a death in the family and the end of the carefree life of being a student.  I am fully employed, no longer a student.  The family is recovering as best families can.  I am now an expecting father, as exciting as that is!  So much to do to prepare for the Grimmlet.  I am branching back out into tactile hobbies since I have space and money. Second is Eve.  A lot has changed.  Not in big ways, but in so many little ways that it is taking time to both get Continue Reading →

Empty Space

Well, it’s summer again.  Living in the upper Midwest means swings of 38 F to 95 F within a day or two, leading to the lovely situation where my car is full of winter coats and beach towels.  Well, maybe that was a week or two ago.  But reveling in the psychotic nature of the season has left me almost no time to play Eve recently, along with my final finals, and an impending three-week trip.  I’ll be gone until mid June, so I hope everyone has a fun Odyssey launch, and try not to completely wreck the place while I’m gone! Maybe the launcher will work by the time I return?

Time, time, time…

Unrelated to Eve: After almost a year off, I’m testing the waters in Eve again.  Crazy how fast that year went, and everything that’s happened in my life.  Marriage, moving twice, family illness, and a hefty Minecraft addiction all put Eve in the backseat.  Proof I suppose that everything has a season. Can’t stop the signal?  We’ll see… I’m going to start writing again, but with a few caveats:  I’ll probably talk about more than just Eve on this blog.  Due to that, I may have to revamp the format to make it multi-game appropriate.  If anyone who is *still* linking to me cares about that, make your adjustments accordingly :). Back to Eve:Just before I unsubbed, I had been working on a 30-Day market challenge.  I actually wrote the guide, but never formatted or posted it.  Expect to see that soon, as well as a new version.  I am starting up my market trading again, as the isk I made last year disappeared into PLEXes and I know find myself space poor once again, and looking to set up a sizable stable of ships for a new FW endeavor. To those who have stumbled here over the last few Continue Reading →

Summer Time! -or- Why I’m Not Writing Much

Hello!  Not dead over here, just resting.  I figured now would be as a good a time as any to let people know that my slowdown in blogging is due to a few factors, and will likely continue for the next few months.  A lot happened over the last two weeks, and few things are coming, namely: I got a full time internship that pays real money, and lasts all summer! I had to (got the chance) move to DC for the internship! Sightseeing! I’m getting married in two months! It’s summer. So yeah, Eve is a bit back seat for the short term, and if Eve is back seat, the blog comes after I get to play :).  Anyhow, thanks to those who are coming by to read!  I’ll still be posting, and still playing, but I’m focused on some other things for the time being.