Forum: Industrial Might

I’m starting a new feature:  Forum questions, where I ask you to respond to some crazy idea I come up with!  Without further ado, here is my question: What if a new industrial hull was added that had a slight buff to tanking ability and more turret slots with a negative “bonus” to those turrets?  Something like: Honey Badger After years of plying the space lanes, Caldari industrial interests decided to update the tried-and-sometimes-true Badger to take into account the realities of cargo transport in New Eden.  While not intended to pose a true threat, the Honey Badger has a bit more bite than previous versions with the ability  to mount a semblance of firepower, while at a reduced cargo capacity. Caldari Industrial Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to shield resistance 5% bonus to cargo capacity and velocity Role Bonus: -25% turret rate of fire Give it 4/6/3 layout with 4 turret slots, same general stats as the Badger Mk II. Discuss!