Putting the Market in Place

After a chat with Corbexx a few weeks back, I got to thinking about what could really help POS wormhole dwellers. I had an offhand comment about markets and contracts in my write up. The more I think about this, the more I like it. One of the biggest hurdles in w-space is the logistics of getting stuff in and out. I don’t mean the ships moving around and chain scanning. That isn’t too hard. The hard part is aligning your membership to bring the right things in and take the right things out. Most of Eve has access to Continue Reading →

Time Rolls On

So I launched the new website, then a lot happened! I became a director, then a ceo, drama happened between and after those things, moves occurred, restructuring, all that stuff. Out of game I had my first child and lost my only uncle. So all of my grand posting drafts kept falling to the wayside. Life in and out of Eve seems to be normalizing for a given quantity of normal. Time to write! Inside Eve, I like the new release cycle. Crius was great and all the changes to industry have so far been fairly useful. Well, the new isk Continue Reading →

The Joy of Hunting

Since moving to wormhole life, a lot has happened.  A big part of what I do now is logistics, planning, and helping run the day to day corp stuff as I have joined the leadership of my new corporation.  Just to prove I still actually play Eve, I will recount my second completely solo kill. I logged in, not sure of what I was going to do.  Check on the POS?  Run my PI?  Oh, wait, there is an Imicus on d-scan.  I hop into my Loki (overkill, to be sure), and start looking for my prey.  I assume he has no cloak, as I see probes Continue Reading →

Tragic Tayra

The night started out rather slow, as many nights do.  No new sigs were to be found, but as luck would have it we had a chain of C2 to high sec, a few jumps out from Jita.  Time to sell some loot and goo.  But as I prepared to do so, we noticed a Procurer appear on dscan.  With only one ore site in system, I hopped into the Proteus and went to go get a nice perch and maybe pounce.  Sure enough, the mining barge was there, with the sole high slot obviously filled with a mining laser. Continue Reading →

A Liberating Lack of Local

I am a few weeks into full-time wormhole life.  It’s becoming quite enjoyable.  Aside from the fun of popping around and exploding all sorts of things in all sorts of spaces, so far the biggest appeal of wormhole life has been the sheer variety. Many ways of playing Eve kind of prod you down a path of specialization.  The skill system rewards this.  Focusing intensely on one thing is usually the most effective way to structure a play session.  Usually splitting your attention between various flavors of Eve dilutes the whole experience.  Wormhole space forces variety, though.  The random nature Continue Reading →

Greedy Little Pig

As is often the case when learning a new part of Eve, I did many things right the last week and half, but the last thing I did, I did about as wrong as you can. Wormhole life has been teaching me routines.  Log, scan, bookmark, jump the holes, scan, keep going until I find the exits I want or decide that I have looked far enough.  Check neighbors for towers.  Bookmark them.  Come home.  Use the directional scanner.  Always use the D-scan. Our rolls have been getting more interesting of late, seemingly escalating up the series of W-Space system Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

After wrapping up affairs in Black Rise, selling off a lot of assets, and moving others, I am ready for my next step in Eve.  I am moving into a wormhole.  Or I should say I have already moved into a wormhole.  I moved in earlier in the week. This is pretty exciting, and I hope a good number of the tricks and skills I learned in FW will come in useful.  At least I know how to use the directional scanner! About one week in, I am reminded of this quote: Reports that say there’s — that something hasn’t Continue Reading →

Objects in Space

Note: This is old material, sitting in my draft bin for a long period of time.  The links are also to the old articles that got me thinking. Why should ships log off when players log off?  This has always interested me in Eve.  My understanding of the current mechanic is that, aside from timers, if you log off while in space, you go into a “warp stasis”, where your ship is apparently in a pocket dimension that you mysteriously come back from when you log back in.  From a technical standpoint, I can sort of understand this.  There are Continue Reading →

Wormhole Fun

I have been having some pretty awesome luck with exploration within a jump of my home system lately.  In the last few days I have found multiple Radar sites with about 20 mil of loot (in my opinion these are the easiest isk/time ratio in the game when the streak is on), I found a nice Sansha site with a 90m mod, and we found a nice little C1 that was inhabited. I go in, make some safes, scan down the sites and investigate things.  I get on the horn and call in some backup to clear out a few Continue Reading →