Tackling Tempests and Trailing Tengus

Close only counts… A few days into faction warfare, and I’m fleeting up and roaming around.  Today I’ll give a three informal after action reports of situations that didn’t work. Tricky Tengus On a roam starting in Nenn, intel told us a pair of Tengus were running mission sites a few systems over.  We take a look at our fleet, mostly frigs and destroyers, and decide that between an Arazu and some tacklers, we had a chance to sneak a point in and hold at least one Tengu long enough to get the rest of us in. Operations commence with Continue Reading →

Taking My Ball Home!

Edit: For a nice dose of schadenfreude, read through the comments on this one. There has been a lot of talk lately about high sec players and how they ruin Eve for everyone else.  I find the volume of chatter unsurprising, given the resent Ivy League and Goonswarm Shrugged antics.  What I do find surprising is the lengths to which each side goes to delegitimize the other side, and using the “Eve is  a Sandbox!” argument to make the point. A sandbox game is in general a game where the world is laid out for players with rules and mechanics Continue Reading →

Bounty Hunting

If you have read some of my previous posts, I would understand if you think I view pirates as the scum of Eve and they should all go die in that fire people talk about.  But this is not true!  I do want them dead, but by the hands of other players!  I have spent some time thinking about the mechanics of sec status and piracy, and I have a proposal. Tweak the boundaries of legal pvp in eve.  Here is a brief, chart based explanation: System Security Status Legal Target Sec Status* High Sec 1 <0.0 0.9 -0.5 0.8 Continue Reading →


Eve, as we are often told, is a sandbox experience.  The point of the game is what you make of it.   It is equally valid to be a carebear, pirate, null-sec warrior or market trader.  Most players are adamant that their way of playing is the right way, and so is the other guy’s.  But is this true?  Given the current game mechanics, I would argue that there are right and wrong ways to play Eve, because some styles of play are inherently more robust. If you thought I was talking about piracy, you win one internet! Big Disclaimer:  Although Continue Reading →