Inferno First Impressions

The Good The new missile launchers are very pretty.  Staggering launchers is now really fun! The Wardec screen is much more legible. All the new screen revamps look pretty. Most of the new SB models look nice. Once you get used to it, looting no longer has the slight movement every time you get to a new wreck. The Bad Right clicking on a corp in the wardec screen only gives “Declare Mutual” and no option to “Show Info”.  That’s frustrating. It is now much harder to see into two “containers” at once, such as your ship’s hold and a loot can.  Grr.  Shift clicking is an extra step.  I didn’t try it, heard it works, we’ll see.  It’s still an extra step… The new Tree structure on the Inventory eats screen real estate.  This is challenging when you open, say, Inventory, Market and Wallet screens to manage market orders. The Inventory takes longer to load.  Not good. The “ghosting” effect of text in the new inventory.  It’s harder to read.  The Ugly The missile launchers on my Tengu.  I would really like to see either larger wings with an over/under turret placement, or place them in a nice line Continue Reading →