HMLs, HAMs, and The Crazy Physics of Eve

There is a fun little debate over heavy missiles spawned CCP Fozzie talking about reducing range and damage of HMs.  Read the comments of that blog post for fun. At the crux of the argument seems to be the underlying strengths of various battlecruisers, the weapons they fit, and range.  In the interest of full disclosure, I fly Drakes and Tengus a lot, and usually they sport HMLs, either T2 or Faction flavors.  And I think the hatred of those two ships using missiles comes not so much from the damage projection as from the rather outlandish interplay of slot layout, cap usage, and the location of armor and shield tanking modules. I’m a relentless fit experimenter.  I love trying to come up with crazy tanks while still putting out enough DPS to complete L4 missions in something resembling a sane amount of time.  A common thematic problem I run into is the fact that a shield tanked ship, on average, can almost always get a better tank and a better gank because of the slot layout when designing to PvE activities as compared to an armor tank.  Some ships buck this trend when you factor in drone bonuses, but Continue Reading →

Fail Fits and Rookies

Edit: A commenter noted that I am wrong about the tutorials teaching players to use multiple tank types.  This is very probably right.  I do no think that alters my fundamental point. Read this over at Poetic, and the comments.  Always a fun time, reading the comments.  I’m torn on how to handle fail fits.  I’m sure I have some fail fits that I like, elite players be damned.  I also want to laugh at fail fits.  But then I wonder, did that fail fit player buy some PLEX and go nuts, only to get his investment all blowed up and not understand why?  And why do so many people ignore advice from those that blew them up?  Questions without answers.  But one thing could be done. CCP could make the tutorials actually teach people about fits instead of having tutorial missions that encourage fail fits in a roundabout way.  I’m talking about those starter tutorial chains that give you a frigate, then give you an armor repper, then give you a shield booster.  And each mission tells you to use that specific module.  Not very good.  Arydanika talked about this on her blog a few weeks or months ago Continue Reading →

Failing at (Internet Spaceship) Life

I saved up and trained up over the last month or so, and finally got myself into the ship I wanted to fly since I saw one in action, the Tengu.  My fit was a rather standard mission running fit, as I recently moved to a new section of Empire and have been grinding standing for various characters and stocking up on the isk while I decide on my next move in Eve.  My fit ran along these lines: [Tengu, Mission] Tengu Defensive – Amplification NodeTengu Electronics – Dissolution SequencerTengu Engineering – Augmented Capacitor ReservoirTengu Offensive – Accelerated Ejection BayTengu Propulsion – Fuel Catalyst Heavy Missile Launcher II, Scourge Heavy MissileHeavy Missile Launcher II, Scourge Heavy MissileHeavy Missile Launcher II, Scourge Heavy MissileHeavy Missile Launcher II, Scourge Heavy MissileHeavy Missile Launcher II, Scourge Heavy MissileHeavy Missile Launcher II, Scourge Heavy Missile Republic Fleet 10MN AfterburnerCaldari Navy Shield Boost AmplifierPithum C-Type Medium Shield BoosterInvulnerability Field IIInvulnerability Field IIPhoton Scattering Field II Caldari Navy Ballistic Control SystemCaldari Navy Ballistic Control SystemCaldari Navy Ballistic Control SystemPower Diagnostic System II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit IIMedium Capacitor Control Circuit IIMedium Capacitor Control Circuit I As far as Tengus go, this is not a terribly expensive Continue Reading →

Guide: Making Money 101 – Mission Running

 Most new players ask how to make Isk in Eve.  There are a myriad number of ways to do this, but as a new player you are somewhat limited until you invest some key skills into various career paths.  I am going to focus a few articles on a few of the more accessible ways to start building your space wallet.  None of these will make you space rich but they will keep you in enough money to fund your skills and start building a fleet of useful ships.  Warning: I assume you are in a player-run corporation, and occasionally play with other people.  This is a social game, after all. Missioning Simply put, mission running means going to an NPC agent and accepting a mission, completing it, and getting paid.  Missioning pays well… once you hit the level 4 agents.  To get there you need to grind your status up from (probably) neutral.  You will probably want to do this with a useful corporation.  What does useful mean?  I define it as an NPC corp that has fringe benefits besides just making ik.  Good Loyalty Point rewards, geographically convenient Jump Clone access, and better refining rates can all be Continue Reading →