CSM 8 Results, Fanfest, Stuff

10 for 14 on my picks.  Not bad, even if a few were shoe-ins.  What surprised me more was the balance of who got in outside the bloc vote.  Mike Azariah but not Unforgiven Storm?  To me that was the biggest shock.  Nice to see Mike get a seat after so much time, though.  Apparently persistence pays off, even in spite of the Null Bloc ballots. So this thing called Fanfest happened.  I didn’t go.  I followed the news as best I could.  Lots to talk about.  Too much to talk about, really.  So I’ll spin out some threads in my head. Mining This was at the same time awesome and disappointing.  Removing grav sites to a simple system scan is a small boon to finding the things, but a huge smack in the face to anyone who wants to mine in them, especially in non-HS space.  CCP has essentially turned grav sites into FW plexes, and that will not entice any miners who want to keep their ships for long.  The one nice thing about signature-based sites in LS is the small window of obfuscation they provide for ships that are designed for some sort of PvE instead of Continue Reading →

CSM 8 Endorsements

I voted, on two accounts.  With two lists made of the same people in varying orders. Here is my list: 1. Ripard Teg Ripard is opinionated but thoughtful, and often willing to admit when he is wrong.  His communication skills are top notch, and I think he will bring a solid voice to the CSM.  He also has experience in almost every area of Eve.  Beyond that, I don;t think there is much I need to say about Ripard. 2. Trebor Deahdoow I don’t agree with many things Trebor has spoken for.  I also think he is unlikely to destroy PvP in Eve as some seem to think.  I am ranking Trebor as my first candidate not because of his platform, but because as the sole returning member of CSM7, his knowledge of what occurred over the last year between CCP and the CSM will be invaluable in letting the next CSM choose if they want to continue the work of previous CSMs or cast it aside.  Without knowing much of what happened behind the NDA, and based on interviews and podcasts I have lsitened to, I think it is very important to have at least one returning member on Continue Reading →