Not too long ago I got Elite: Dangerous.  After a few days of playing the game I realized I wanted to play the game using a HOTAS setup.  I quickly ordered a Thrustmaster X-HOTAS to try out the interface.  A week later I had some birthday money and a desire to blow cash on trivial things, so I bought a Saitek x55 Rhino HOTAS.  It was great, but I realized my desk was not configured to use any HOTAS set up for any length of time.  The problem is that a conventional desk is built for the height of keyboard and mouse, not the height of a throttle and joystick.  Using a HOTAS with your arms at 45’ angle is just asking for neck, shoulder, and back pain.  After looking at how much various flight and racing sim seats cost, and other peoples’ approaches to custom cockpits, I decided to make my own custom HOTAS chair. Choosing a Throne A quick search of the internets showed that most home-brew HOTAS chairs use one of three approaches:  Clamps or brackets on armrests, clamps on desks, or a PVC “super-structure” to which a HOTAS is mounted and then you slide it under Continue Reading →