Odyssey Skill Reminder

Just a quick reminder, although it might me a bit late or irrelevant to you.  Skills for flying a lot of ships are changing come June 4, and you should be ready by doing a few things: If you have Destroyers V and Battlecruisers V update your clone to hold about 6-7 million more skill points. If you don’t have those skill trained, that sucks, but train them as far as you can. If you have BC V, train all the racial cruisers to at least III, and inject Command Ships so as to get the racial Command Ship skills Continue Reading →

Guide: Skill Planning

Given some of the recent posts around the skill system in Eve, and some discussions in game with Corp members, I am going to propose a boring, but highly useful initial skill plan for new players who have no real idea what they want to do.  This list also focuses on Flying in Space skills for a basic combat oriented pilot.  I am assuming a new player is not going to immediately decide to go the industry or science based career paths. I’ll list these in a general order of training.  A key note:  Training to your racial frigate and Continue Reading →

Failing at (Internet Spaceship) Life

I saved up and trained up over the last month or so, and finally got myself into the ship I wanted to fly since I saw one in action, the Tengu.  My fit was a rather standard mission running fit, as I recently moved to a new section of Empire and have been grinding standing for various characters and stocking up on the isk while I decide on my next move in Eve.  My fit ran along these lines: [Tengu, Mission] Tengu Defensive – Amplification NodeTengu Electronics – Dissolution SequencerTengu Engineering – Augmented Capacitor ReservoirTengu Offensive – Accelerated Ejection BayTengu Continue Reading →