Not too long ago I got Elite: Dangerous.  After a few days of playing the game I realized I wanted to play the game using a HOTAS setup.  I quickly ordered a Thrustmaster X-HOTAS to try out the interface.  A week later I had some birthday money and a desire to blow cash on trivial things, so I bought a Saitek x55 Rhino HOTAS.  It was great, but I realized my desk was not configured to use any HOTAS set up for any length of time.  The problem is that a conventional desk is built for the height of keyboard Continue Reading →

A New Fort: Ancientbrass Continues (Part Two)

A River Runs Through It The centerpiece of this fortress is the double tower straddling the river.  So the big challenge is getting through the river to create the central stairwell.  There are many way to do this, but I’ll cover two, because I used both. Dam It All When I started the map, I had no idea if the water would freeze, because I am terrible at using biomes.   I initially used a strategy that works, but is very CPU intensive:  Damming the river.  There are a few ways to do this, mostly variations of pumping out the river Continue Reading →

A New Fort: Dwarf Fortress 40 Playthrough Part 1

A New Fort With the release of Dwarf Fortress v40, or whatever, I decided to play through a new fort, and document it.  This is in part to learn the changes myself, and in part to help teach some friends how to get started in DF. A few notes:  I will assume you know how to use the interface to DF.  If not, check the DF wiki quickstart guide I link below, or look it up on the wiki.  Similarly, if I say to build or make things, look it up in that guide or the wiki.  The processes are Continue Reading →

DMV Meetup

Sugar Kyle set up an event at the Dogfish Head pub in Arlington, VA last night.  It was a blast!  Head count came in around 50, with people from all parts of Eve coming out to have fun.  BRAVE, TEST, PL, Goons, Nulli, Low Sec, Wormholes, High Sec, it seemed like someone came from every corner of New Eden!  The best part was the fact that everyone was friendly, much beer was had, and a good time ensued.  I was worried when I told Lychton I was with ABA (we bagged a few of their guys a few nights ago), Continue Reading →

Hero Siege: Non Sequitur Fun

I’ve been playing this on a lark lately.  I must have gotten it during a Steam sale or a Humble Bundle.  At the core, Hero Siege is kind of a SmashTV meets Zelda-styled art rogue-like, with a side of Diablo.  It is quite fun, if not the most sophisticated rogue-like I have played. The game has 10 or so classes of heroes to choose from, and then you enter the world and face waves of enemies until you die.  You gain experience towards levels.  At each level you gain a skill point for the basic skill tree each hero posses, Continue Reading →

Initial Rhea Thoughts

I have had a bit of time to play with some aspects of Rhea since it dropped earlier this week.  The first thing I did was futz with my monitors and graphics card, got my setup running Eve across three screens, then bee-lined for Thera on an alt.  Bee-lined doesn’t really make much sense, bees don’t fly in straight lines.  Anyway, I went to Thera. First, Eve with PBR is gorgeous, especially blown out across three monitors.  Things are pretty.  The only exception is planets.  The resolution on the texture map for planets is not holding up well when you Continue Reading →

The Job

Today was about The Job. It was always about The Job. You could wax philosophical about the state of relations between the Empires. You could talk about that strange star on the holoreels. You could moan about the unjust advantages capsuleers obliviously flaunted over those with just a single body, a single life. But it really just came down to isk. To get isk, you had to do The Job. Currently The Job was both lucrative and immensely frustrating. Jen was snugly inside her corporation-issued Resource Extrication and Exploitation Platform. The C-REEP, or just the Creeper, as most of her Continue Reading →