DMV Meetup

Sugar Kyle set up an event at the Dogfish Head pub in Arlington, VA last night.  It was a blast!  Head count came in around 50, with people from all parts of Eve coming out to have fun.  BRAVE, TEST, PL, Goons, Nulli, Low Sec, Wormholes, High Sec, it seemed like someone came from every corner of New Eden!  The best part was the fact that everyone was friendly, much beer was had, and a good time ensued.  I was worried when I told Lychton I was with ABA (we bagged a few of their guys a few nights ago), and Lychton, being a large fellow, gave me a look.  Then I got a hug.  I love Eve.

I can’t say too much to how fun it was to meet a bunch of fellow Eve nerds and shoot the shit for a night.  I got to meet some fellow bloggers, got to talk to Sugar for a while.  I also got to try out the Gear VR, which a Goon kindly broke out and spent the night letting people use.  I saw an arctic water demo, and apparently I shouted “Fucking narwhals!” loud enough that half the bar looked at the crazy guy wearing weird goggles.

Most of all, with all the talk of toxic culture in Eve, the meet-up showed how much we all love the game, and how great a community exists in the players sitting behind the keyboards.  The most interesting conversation of the night was one I had with a few Bombers Bar guys who also do High-Sec war decs.  Very interesting to actually talk to some of these fellows and discuss how they do what they do.  I also got to meet an alliance mate, and spend some time talking face to face, which was very enjoyable.

To anyone who lives near one of these events, go.  It is great fun, and everyone was gracious and friendly.  I’m looking forward to the next one!

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