Forgotten Containers

I’ve been getting more choosey in how many ships I keep hanging around. Part of this is my desire to have isk on hand instead of assets that I need to haul. Most of my characters lives in wormholes now, and Red Frog doesn’t deliver there. The only pilots left in high sec are a few hauling and trading alts to ease logistics of getting stuff to and from the far reaches of space. You never know where that exit will pop up, or how long you will have it.

The result of that was that I consolidated all of my ships and goods into two trade hubs, and not too long ago I finally got rid of almost everything aside from a small gang of ships in the wormhole. I’ve gotten downright vicious. All the tech 1 combat ships are gone. A few interceptors, an orca, and a few industrials are staged to get to a drop off point and get back. I scrapped a T3 that was in disuse. Hordes of frigates and random bombers were auctioned off. Battelships begone! It is amazing how years of ship collecting adds up to billions of isk, especially when you total up piles of loot, ammunition, drones, and all those modules you think you might need.

I have kept a few things. All the livestock and many interesting items I have collected reside in a hangar. Along with random trade goods that are thematically fitting. I can see a clutch of identical clones of Oura Madusaari debating the effect of being in close proximity to a jumping ship, the only explanation for why there are so many of herself. Marines shout amid piles of holoreels and cheap wine. Confused tourists eye packs of sullen slaves, and a few scared slaver hounds huddle in a corner. The engineers are engaged in a debate about how ships jumping out of wormholes mysteriously appear on solar system communication arrays without approaching a station or stargate.

The more astute individuals wonder when the hangar will be opened, as it has been months since the last time anyone has seen outside the tritanium walls. Do the station managers even know that all these people are essentially trapped in this giant container? Yes, a space 500m long, 200m wide, and 10m tall is large, but the batteries and food and spirits only last so long, and that pile of trash is getting bigger and bigger. Thank god those construction blocks were left behind. Without those, it would just be one big room.

Maybe I should stop by and throw in some more supplies next time I come back to high sec.

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