Tragic Tayra

The night started out rather slow, as many nights do.  No new sigs were to be found, but as luck would have it we had a chain of C2 to high sec, a few jumps out from Jita.  Time to sell some loot and goo.  But as I prepared to do so, we noticed a Procurer appear on dscan.  With only one ore site in system, I hopped into the Proteus and went to go get a nice perch and maybe pounce.  Sure enough, the mining barge was there, with the sole high slot obviously filled with a mining laser.

I started to maneuver, and checked who was in system with me to help.  I have a Procurer, and you can fit a rather sizeable tank on those.  I wanted some back up in case this was a trap.  Of course, no one was in system with me.  Then the Procurer warped off, and left the system.  Time to move cargo I guess.

I had second thoughts about my original plan of taking everything in one expanded hauler, and piled my sleeper goodies into a covops, and dropped it off safe and sound in the HS system.  I came back and started prepping the bulkier, lower value items.  After some time to let the polarization timer wear off, I started on my way back out.  I jumped the C2, and immediately a Proteus, and then a Legion decloaked.  I was locked and scrammed in short order.  Should have left those stabs in the lows…

I figured this was pretty much done, but I made sure my hardeners were on and burned back to the wormhole.  Maybe they would miss the catch on the far side, or just not follow.  I jumped, and held cloak.  The hole pulsed, and I waited to see what would happen.  I probably should have aligned immediately, but for some reason I waited to see if they dropped cloak on the far side of the hole from me.  With short points there is a small chance that might have worked.

Alas the Proteus appeared about 5k away or thereabouts.  Short or long, that point was going to land.  I tried to align and activate my cloak, but I was not fast enough.  Not long after, my chips and gas were floating in a wreck.  I did get my pod out, though, bouncing a planet and back to the POS.

Moments before death...

Moments before death…

We had a fun little chat, and I was sent an action shot of my own demise.  They brought by an Occator, I think, to scoop my loot.  In a fit of what I can only assume was joy at someone not crying over spilt milk, they left what remained instead of popping the wreck.  They claimed to depart.  I waited, and about an hour or so later I went back, and sure enough some of my chips and gas were left over.  So I kept a decent portion of my loss.

In retrospect, I can take a few things from this.  Bait procurer was obvious bait.  I did get some practice trying to perch on it though.  Splitting shipments is a good idea.  Instead of losing  150m in loot, I only lost about 65m.  But I should have thought more about that bait Procurer, or more specifically what it implied.  Stabs.  They may be “cheap”, but it might have saved me another 40m had I left them.  I’ll never know, and I’ll take the value of a fitted assault frigate or two over my e-honor in this case.  Finally, on the mechanics of the actual conflict, in the future I should align and cloak immediately.  I may have been able to get off the WH that way, cloaking before their jump or system load finished. Maybe not, but by waiting in this particular situation I ensured my ship’s fate.

Afterword:  Thanks for the pic, Ramaah.  Posted as promised, along with my side of the conflict.  Good luck finding that afk Tengu you were hoping for.

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