PI: The Second Month

In my earlier wrap up of my PI challenge, I noted that I was considering running PI on all three characters on one account.  I did this.  Mainly because I though Mabrick’s claims might have a silver lining if I ran it that way. There’s more posts over there, you should read them.  He has some interesting views on Eve.

Back to the follow up.  As a reminder, here were the results from the first month.  The key point is that I netted about 134m in profits.

Across three characters on the same account, with 4s in Command Center Upgrades and Planetary Consolidation, I ended up netting this:

Not quite triple the total, but I had to run 2 factory planets.  And 334m isk ain’t bad.  A few thoughts on this.

  • I didn’t even have CCU 4 and IC 4 trained at the outset.  That took about two weeks or so.  So that’s lost income.  
  • I was also much less serious this time around, and missed more than a few updates by margins of hours or days.  Also failed to move some ECUs when I knew I should have.  That’s also money lost. 
  • Due to resource imbalances, sometimes I stockpiled, and sometimes I just hauled and sold.  Not sure how that impacted things.

In regards to Mabrick’s original and revised estimates of 500m or 300m/month respectively, I think both are possible if you are willing to run all the characters on an account.  With level 4 skills, 300m is more than doable, as evidenced.  500m might be, if you train 5s, pick planets with a bit of luck and wisdom, and pick the right things to produce.

So here it is, with the caveat that you need to use all 3 characters, in no uncertain terms:

Mabrick was right.
There, the crow has been eaten.  Tasted kind of like chicken.  I’m happy to be wrong, in this case.
I’ll keep this project running.  I am moving my operations, as I just started up with a new Corp on my industrialist toon, and humping 22 jumps every two days is not fun.  We’ll see how the new set of systems I scouted work out.  It was much simpler this time, partly from experience and partly from luck.
In completely unrelated to game news, I just finished my last final in my last class in my masters program. Just have my defense to schedule and complete, and I will be officially done with higher education!  The only way I’ll pile it higher and deeper is if someone offers to pay for it next time :).  But it’s a crazy moment, I’m too tired to go out and drink, so here’s to conclusions and momentous events!

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  1. Congrats on the Masters. No need to eat crow (sure Mabrick doesn’t see it that way).