CSM7: The Blanding

 I am waiting for something to happen in CSM7 land.  So far we know most of CSM6 is going to run again.  Here are my brief thoughts on each, with asterices:

  • The Mitanni – CFC will get him elected, so no point in even paying attention.
  • UAxDeath – Not sure what he ever did.
  • Two Step* – I like this Two Step, talks a lot, even if I do not agree with some of what he says.
  • Seleene* – Useful knowledge of CCP and Eve
  • Meissa Anunthial* – Posts frequently on the forums, so hooray!
  • Trebor Deahdoow* – Another communicative CSM.
  • Prometheus Exenthal – Who?
  • Elise Randolph – Again, who?
Not already on the CSM but making noise:
  • Kelduum Revaan – Eve Uni CEO, no substantial info or platform yet.
  • Mintrolio – “I Love All Secs!” campaign is funny but uninformative.
  • T’amber – Moar pink ships, smaller boobs and Serious Business.  Probably more interesting than Prometheus, but hey, that’s not hard.
And that’s about it so far.  I think I saw someone nominating Chribba, but I have doubts.  Ripard Teg made a pass at the pretty girl in the bar, then talked himself out of it in a weird bait-and-switch where he failed to make the bait obvious.  Not much depth in the field, although I have hopes for The Apostle to start poasting, as those are always a good read.
Someone call me when we have new candidates worth caring about. 

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